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Alpine Snow

We’re celebrating OPI’s 40th anniversary by highlighting a new shade each month.

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Dashing Diva Press-on Nail Kits & Gel Strips

Dashing Diva

Press-on Nail Kits & Gel Strips

Get Instagram-worthy nails in a snap without any of the mess.

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Get your feet ready for Summer with new pedicure essentials.

Sandal Season

Get your feet ready for Summer with new pedicure essentials.

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Gelish Polygel

Gelish PolyGel

PolyGel provides strong, flexible, feather light nails, that is odorless and with no dust.

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Trend Report

Get ahead of the game with these trending nail looks — we’ve even given you step-by-step how-tos so you can do them yourself at home.

Nail Glossary

  • Nail Polish

    Also known as lacquer, varnish or enamel; a product you can paint onto nails to give them a vibrant color. Nail polish typically lasts a week without chipping or cracking and is easily removed with acetone.

  • Acrylic Nails

    A term referring to a method of nail extensions. Fine, clear, acrylic particle powder is applied with an activating solution over a glued-on plastic nail tip to elongate natural nails. Acrylic nails remain applied until they grow out or are removed with a prying tool and soaking combination. They can last 3-4 weeks.

  • Nail Polish Strips

    Decorative vinyl nail strips with printed or solid color designs. Nail strips are peeled off their sheet, applied directly to the natural nail and the excess is trimmed. They are easily removed by peeling them off leaving no damage to the nail. Nail polish strips last up to 14 days.

  • Gel Polish

    Nail color that is painted onto the nail and cured with a UV light. The curing process hardens the polish. It typically lasts 10-14 days without chipping or cracking. Gel polish must be soaked and scraped off.

  • Dip Powder Nails

    An application method for nail color made up of pigmented acrylic powder. This nail polish alternative is the longest lasting method. Similar to acrylic nail extensions, dip powder remains on the nail until it grows out or is removed with a soaking and scraping method. Dip powder can last 3-4 weeks or longer.

  • Nail Shapes

    There are several different types of nail shapes for extensions or press-ons. The common shapes are coffin/ballerina, stiletto, almond, square, oval, “squoval” and round. Natural nails are typically limited in their shape due to length and most often are only filed square, oval, round or “squoval”. Nail extensions are able to be shaped in any way.

  • Shellac and Gelish Nails

    Brands of gel nail polish that require a UV light to cure. These terms are often used when talking about getting a gel polish manicure.

  • PolyGel Nails

    Short for polymer nails, it’s a new application method for nail extensions. PolyGel comes in a tube and is squeezed out into a nail form. The nail form is pressed onto the natural nail to create the extension. It sets within seconds and is then filed into the desired shape. PolyGel nails can last 3-4 weeks.

  • Press-on Nails

    Also known as glue-on nails, they are plastic nail extensions applied with special glue. This is the quickest and easiest application method for lengthening your natural nails. Press-on nails have the shortest lifespan of all nail lengthening applications and can fall off at any time, be removed by peeling them off or with an acetone soak. They last 5-7 days.